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About Green Cross Society

Green Cross Society

Address: 4/28, Pr. Chornovola, Lviv 79058 Ukraine
Phone/fax: (+380 32) 244-56-07
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact persons:

Oleksandr Voloshynskyy – Head of Society
Olesya Kaspruk – Assistant Head of Society

Information about Organization, Objectives and Activity

Green Cross Society, an independent, non-governmental organization, was founded in 1994 and officially registered in March 1995. In 2009, the organization was re-registered and amendments were made to its status.

The primary mission of the Society is to educate children and bring them up as engaged and critically-thinking citi-zens of their countries. The Society reaches this objective by involving them in hands-on activities in the following areas:

  1. Ecology, sport-tourism, eco-tourism;
  2. Research and preservation of places of historical and cultural significance;
  3. Development of youth movements;
  4. Integration of disabled persons into society;
  5. Expedition activities; and
  6. Development of democracy and local self-governance.

Our programs and interests:

  1. Work with volunteers,
  2. Development and implementation of series of “Ecodecade” lectures, in cooperation with foreign NGOs;
  3. Organization of summer eco-schools for children;
  4. Program “Woman and Ecology”;
  5. Program “Eco-education and Integration of Disabled Children into Society”;
  6. Program “Sustainable Ecologically-orientated Development of Territories”;
  7. Program “Ecological Challenges of Ancient City Centres”;
  8. Programs on tourism and alternative communication for disabled children; and
  9. Youth exchange programs (Ukraine-Poland-Germany).

Green Cross Society has successfully implemented the following projects:

  1. International youth ecological expedition “Partnership”; 1995, Renaissance Foundation;
  2. Project “Ecology comic book for children”; 1997, Counterpart Foundation
  3. Project “Eco-education in schools”; 1998, Counterpart Foundation;
  4. Project “Carpathian region and the challenges of sustainable development”; 1998, Renaissance Foundation;
  5. Project “Ukrainian-Polish competition of children’s pictures”; 1998;
  6. Conference “Sustainable development for region: new tasks for NGOs”, Lviv, June 14-19,1998, Renaissance Foundation;
  7. Conference-meeting “Expansion of Euroregional Partnership”, Sokal, Lviv oblast, 25-27 September 1998;
  8. Project “Tourism for Disabled Persons”, 1998-1999, Counterpart Foundation;
  9. Open Ukrainian National Discussion “The Main Reasons for Deforestation and Forest Degradation” in cooper-ation with Crimea Fund “Saving Rare Animals and Plants” and Global Initiative Secretariat for the Elimination of the Main Drivers of Deforestation with Support from a UN Environmental Program, Alushta, Crimea, 12-15 October 1999;
  10. International conference “Mountain Regions. Cooperation of NGOs and Governmental Organizations during Natural Disaster Response”, 10-14 December 1999, Renaissance Foundation;
  11. Project “Eco-education for Deaf-Mute Children”, 2000, Canadian Cooperation Fund;
  12. International conference “Integration of Disabled Persons into Society through Active Recreation and Tourism”, 3-8 October, 2000, Renaissance Foundation;
  13. Project “Green Eye”, 2001, ISAR “Yednannya”;
  14. Project “Blue Lakes”, 2001, ISAR “Yednannya”;
  15. Project “Alternative Communication for the Disabled”, 2001, Foundation of the Prime-Minister’s Office of Po-land;
  16. Project “Ecology Education for Disabled Children”, 2002, Regional Ecology Centre-Kyiv;
  17. Training for future organizers of international youth programs “3x3: from Carpathians to Sauerland”, 2002, Renaissance Foundation
  18. Project “Bicycle Tourism for Disabled Children”, 2003, Carpathian Foundation;
  19. Project “Ecology Summer Camp for deaf Children”, 2003, ISAR “Yednannya”;
  20. Project “Transfer of Polish Expertise on Environmental Protection to Ukraine”, 2003, PAUCI Foundation;
  21. Project “Creation of Mini-arboretum on the Premises of the Boarding School for Deaf Children”, 2004, Volyn Resource Centre;
  22. Project “Development of Sustainable Development Strategies for Towns of Yavoriv and Horodok, 2004, Canadian Cooperation Fund;
  23. Project “Ecological Problems of Cultural and Historical Centres of Eastern Europe”, 2004, Renaissance Founda-tion;
  24. Project “Providing Rights for Active Recreation for Disabled Persons in Ukraine” I, 2004, Ukraine Citizen Action Network (UCAN);
  25. Project “Meeting of Young Ecologists and Speleologists” (Kolkhida, Georgia), 2004, EU Youth Programme;
  26. Project “Superstitions and Stereotypes in Our Lives”, 2004, EU Youth Programme;
  27. Project “Unity in Diversity”, (Suceava, Romania), 2005, EU Youth Programme;
  28. Project “Active Recreation and Tourism for People with Disabilities”, 2005, Renaissance Foundation;
  29. Project “Joining European Ecology Culture” (Coutances, France), 2005, EU Youth Programme;
  30. Project “The Role of Trainers in International Youth Programmes” (Pavlov Posad, Russia), 2005, EU Youth Programme;
  31. Project “Let's Create a Rainbow” (Wroclaw, Poland) 2005, EU Youth Programme;
  32. Project “East-West – International Civil Society”, 2005, Wroclaw, Poland;
  33. Project “Partnership above Borders”, 2005, Carpathian Euroregion;
  34. Project “Providing Rights for Active Recreation for the Disabled in Ukraine” II, 2004, Ukraine Citizen Action Network (UCAN);
  35. Project “Information and Resource Tourism Centre for Disabled Persons”, 2006, Carpathian Foundation;
  36. Project ”Cross-border Centre for Cultural and Tourism Cooperation” in cooperation with Magnum Bonum Soci-ety, 2006, European Commission – INTERREG IIIA/NEB/PL/LUB/1.3/05/464;
  37. Project “Planting Trees/Landscaping in the Village of Sokilnyky, Pustomyty rayon, Lviv oblast”, 2007, State Department of Environmental Protection of Lviv Oblast;
  38. Project “Planting Trees/Landscaping of Kindergartens and Special Schools for the Blind / Visually Impaired of Kyiv”, 2007, TOYOTA-Ukraine;
  39. Project “Youth for Environmental Preservation” (Stepanavan, Armenia), 2007, EU Youth Programme;
  40. Project “Integration and Cross-border Cooperation in Culture, Tourism and Sport”, 2007-2008, European Commission – IG-2004/PL-UB/2.06/2.1/U-43/07, 2007-2008 INTERREG IIIA/TACIS CBC
  41. Project “Volunteer for Society”, 2008, EU Youth in Action Programme;
  42. Project “Activity without Borders” in cooperation with Magnum Bonum Society, 2008, EU Youth in Action Programme;
  43. Project “Culture Unites Us”, 2008, Polish Deaf Society;
  44. Project “World around You”, 2008-2009, Foundation “Krona”’
  45. Project “Variety of Possibilities”, 2008-2009, EU Youth in Action Programme;
  46. Project “Visually Impaired Youth in Lviv” in cooperation with the Polish Blind Society, 2008-2009, EU Youth in Action Programme;
  47. Project ”Everyone has the Right to Work: Partnerships for Enhancing Possibilities for Disabled Youth Employ-ment, 2009-2010, East Europe Foundation;
  48. Project “Development of a Model for Matching Interests of Large City Communities and Neighbouring Village Areas”, 2009-2010, Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms – UNITER;
  49. Project “Key Reasons for Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Ukraine”, 2009, Global Forest Coalition;
  50. Project “Live in Lviv” in cooperation with the Polish Blind Society, 2009-2010, EU Youth in Action Programme;
  51. Project “Studying Together”, 2009-2010, Polish-German Youth Cooperation – PNWM;
  52. Project “The Economic and Social Impact of Inefficient and Unsustainable Forest Practice and Illegal Logging, 2010, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the World Bank;
  53. Project “Rural Recreation for Everyone – Development of Rural Tourism for Disabled Persons, 2010-2011, Car-pathian Foundation;
  54. Project “Employment Agency for Disabled Persons”, 2010-2011, UNDP, Carpathian Foundation;
  55. Project “Support for Disabled Residents of Rural Areas to Improve the Quality of their Life by Developing Rural Tourism as a Professional/Career Activity”, 2011, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland;
  56. Project “Lviv-Crimea – New Challenges for NGOs regarding Inclusiveness of Disabled Children”, 2011, Renais-sance Foundation
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